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Closed Tuesdays

From a sandwich kitchen to here

It has been over 40 years since we opened this restaurant. Prior to its opening, it was a sandwich "kitchen” known as the Dutch Door. Paul's Italian-American Kitchen was born on March 28, 1 973 with just a few menu items and only three spaghetti bowls. We catered coffee, rolls, bagels and egg sandwiches to a neighbouring construction site, which was the Southampton Inn, then owned by the Passavia Family.


The following year we began to sell pizza. It was at that time, Southampton and all of the Hamptons were becoming the "seasonal vacation spot". Summers began to bring chaos and madness, and Labor Day was the official beginning of winter.

Life long friends

The winters were long and tough back then, and so was running a seasonal business. But it was an inspiring place to be. There was a silence, stillness and magnificence to our area that others found just as alluring, and consequently, more and more tourists came to the east end. As our business kept growing, so did our family and friends. We had our "Regulars: who would hang out for hours, and employees who have become life-long friends, whom we now consider family. Our children, even at an early age, became part of our business.

Giving you even more choices

In 1979 we had the opportunity to expand our restaurant and added more variety to our menu. We added salads, pasta, seafood and more. We strive to serve our customers quality food at reasonable prices in a warm, friendly atmosphere.

Without the loyalty of customers like you, we would not be where we are today. We would sincerely like to thank you for supporting and believing in us.

For the freshest food in Southampton, stop by our restaurant today!


Thank YOU

There are so many that shared in our lives, so many to thank. So THANK YOU to our loyal customers from years gone by, to the present, friends we have made over the years and to our family. And to those who have past, our close friend Patrick Cunningham and Vinny Burns, our favourite bartender and mentor. But especially we want to thank our children, Stacey, Andrew, Evan and Petrina, who have grown up in the business and gave their time unselfishly, whether it was needed here at the restaurant, or at home. We thank them for their dedication to us and to this restaurant, despite their hard work and never-ending work hours. They share in our beliefs and values - to operate an eating establishment with fine cuisine, courteous manner and honesty. And for this, we are most proud and forever grateful.

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